Best Digital Adaptation Award

This category recognises that digital adaptation has taken a quantum leap for both individual businesses and entire industries with the catalyst of Covid-19 responsible for some of the fastest and most transformative aspects of digital uptake in the past 2 years.
The need for rapid transformation in communication, connectivity, workplaces, shopping spaces and how we access and deliver services and interact with our customers, teams and stakeholders has changed our digital landscape forever.
Best Digital Adaptation is the story of how your business has accelerated its use of digital technology and platforms to meet the demands of excellent business practice.

Examples of Digital Technology that can accelerate transformation include, but are not limited to:

  • Cloud based platforms that facilitate remote office functions.
  • Sales and Distribution platforms
  • Machine to machine communication
  • Social media platforms
  • Virtual events
  • Integration Software
  • Network expansion
  • Satellite services. Etc

About One NZ – Sponsor of the Best Digital Adaptation Award

Being great today and ready for tomorrow is a challenge for any organisation. But it’s exactly what One NZ is dedicated to helping customers achieve.
That means we’re ready to put our weight behind our business, helping you to work more flexibly, efficiently and securely. Our global security team protects our local customers on New Zealand’s reliable network. And we’ll look after the technology and systems that keep your business connected to New Zealand and the world, so you can focus on the things you really want to achieve business.

World-leading technology and innovation are important, but they’re just the beginning. Our aim is to build a value-focused, long-term partnership with your organisation. A partnership with a global company that delivers critical skills, support and commercial value you demand.

By choosing One NZ, you’re choosing to be ready. Ready for today and for tomorrow.


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