Excellence in Cultural & Heritage Experiences Award

About the Award:

This criterion aims to recognize and reward outstanding projects and experiences that significantly contribute to the appreciation, preservation, and celebration of cultural and heritage values in Tai Tokerau – Northland, New Zealand in the following areas:

Museums, Archaeological and Historical Places

  • Innovative Interpretation and Engagement: Projects or experiences that use cutting edge technology or creative storytelling to enhance visitor understanding and engagement with historical and archaeological sites.
  • Preservation and Conservation: Initiatives that successfully preserve and protect historical sites while making them both accessible and educational for the public.

Cultural Landscapes, Natural Heritage

  • Sustainable Tourism Practices: Programs that promote eco-friendly tourism, preserving natural heritage sites while educating visitors on their ecological and cultural significance.
  • Interactive and Educational Experiences: Tours or activities that provide immersive and educational experiences, highlighting landscapes’ cultural and natural importance.

Nga Toi Māori (Māori Creativity) – Oral Traditions and Expressions, Rituals, Language and Social Practices

  • Revitalization of Māori Language and Culture: Initiatives that effectively promote and integrate Te Reo Māori and traditional practices into the community and visitor experiences.
  • Innovative Cultural Programming: Programs that creatively present Māori oral traditions, rituals, and social practices, making them accessible and engaging to a wider audience.

Performance and Celebration – Performing Arts, Music

  • Diverse and Inclusive Performances: Festivals or events that showcase a wide range of performing arts, with a strong representation of local and indigenous cultures.
  • Community Engagement in the Arts: Programs that involve the community in creating and performing arts, fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for cultural heritage.

Festivals, Fairs, and Feasts

  • Cultural Celebrations and Festivals: Events that celebrate cultural heritage through traditional music, dance, food, and rituals, providing enriching experiences for participants and attendees.
  • Educational and Interactive Elements: Festivals and fairs that include educational workshops, interactive exhibits, and participatory activities, which enhance the cultural and heritage experience for visitors.

Evaluation Criteria:

These criteria aim to recognize and reward outstanding projects and experiences that significantly contribute to appreciating, preserving, and celebrating culture and heritage in Tai Tokerau – Northland.

We want to hear about the experience/s your organisation offers, including, where applicable:

  • Impact and Reach: The extent to which the project or experience has positively impacted the community and reached a broad audience.
  • Innovation and Creativity: The use of innovative methods and creative approaches to present and preserve cultural and heritage experiences.
  • Sustainability and Preservation: Efforts made to ensure the sustainability of cultural and natural heritage, including environmental, economic, and cultural sustainability.
  • Community Involvement: The level of involvement and engagement with the local community in the development and execution of the project or experience.
  • Educational Value: The effectiveness of the project or experience in educating participants and visitors about cultural and heritage values.

About Creative Northland

Creative Northland has an ongoing commitment to ensure the arts sector in Northland is dynamic, thriving and influential. We do this through professional development workshops and audience development initiatives collaborating with regional, national and international connections in the creative industries.


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