Northland Business Excellence Awards 2021 Trophies

Dave Taylor was commissioned by Creative Northland on behalf of NorthChamber to create 18 trophies for the 2021 Northland Business Excellence Awards. The theme for the trophies was perseverance, strength and resilience. From this, Dave came up with a beautiful design of a whale’s fluke rising above the waves. The combination of raw animal strength and placid graceful weightlessness offers something evocative. The trophies also reflect “Whangarei Te Reinga Paraoa“ otherwise known as the gathering place of the whales and a homage to Ngati Wai, the Tangata Whenua of this area.
The trophies are made with epoxy resin, alcohol-based dyes to colour the flukes and red and black oxides in the cement bases.
The supreme award introduced LED artificial light to give its ‘uniqueness’. Along with its own unique base made from Mt Sommers limestone in a waka shaped form, laid out on Takaka marble.
About Dave Taylor:
Kiaora koutou katoa,
Ko Taranaki oku maunga,
Ko Hangatahua oku awa,
Ko Kurahaupo oku waka,
E tu atu te Marae atu nei, a Puniho Pa o te taha a kuia mo Koraua. No na matua o ukaipo…
No te taha e tu atu te ira Tane,
Kei te haerenga no na Scotland ,,, och aiee the noo…
Ko Dave Taylor taku ingoa.
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