Workplace Injury Prevention Award

The ACC Workplace Injury Prevention Award recognises a business and its leaders that have implemented a workplace injury prevention initiative, improvement or innovation that has had a meaningful and positive impact on the workplace injury prevention through improved health, safety or wellbeing for their workers. The initiative, improvement or innovation could be a product, service, technology, process, behavioural shift in the business, re-design of workplace environment, leadership development, and/or Te Ao Māori or cultural practice change.

The judging for finalists in this award includes a site visit to engage with leaders and workers and to hear about and observe the initiative/innovation/improvement in action.

What are the judges looking for in this category?
Leadership and worker engagement/participation that generates innovation and improvement. As well as the workplace environment including associated risks, human factors, and the outcome benefits which lead to reduction of harm in the workplace.

Your award entry
• Tell us about your business, industry, key activities, critical health and safety risks, and contact person.
• Describe the workplace injury prevention initiative/innovation/improvement? How did you identify and then implement the initiative/innovation/improvement? What specific health, safety and wellbeing issue/s or problem did this solve? (Include links to health and safety risks). Include examples of what your business was like before you implemented the initiative e.g., were there any workplace related injuries?
• Describe any risks or challenges you faced in introducing this initiative/innovation/improvement. How did you manage them? What did you learn?
• What involvement did your senior leader/senior level decision makers have in the development and delivery of the initiative/innovation/improvement? What leadership development or capability build was undertaken to achieve the change?
• How were workers involved in the development and delivery of the initiative/innovation/improvement?
• How has this initiative/innovation/improvement prevented injuries in the workplace? How is it unique/original? How are you measuring the success and value of the initiative/innovation/improvement? What evidence do you have that your initiative/innovation/improvement has been successful? How it is impacting your business performance?

Please declare any involvement with a Health and Safety Regulator (e.g., WorkSafe NZ) specifically any recent or pending prosecution or improvement notices issue and provide information about the involvement.

Why you should enter
• It is recommended that some form of value proposition is included in the entry form.
• Potentially referencing the experience of past winners or detailing the associated accolades and publicity winners receive.

About ACC – Sponsor of the Workplace Safety Award

ACC provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand.

ACC is proud to work with leaders who excel in health and safety practices to prevent injuries, care for people when they do have an accident and help people recover to the best of their ability after an injury. They do that by partnering with many organisations to achieve that goal.

Regardless of where the injury occurs, ACC is there to support New Zealanders and improve their quality of life by minimising the incidence and impact of injury.

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