Enter the 2023 Northland Business Awards. Aim For Excellence, Have No Regrets.

Aim for Excellence, no regrets.

“Just do it!” says Jonathan Harris Managing Director of tlc4u2, 2022 Northland Business Excellence Awards Supreme Award, pictured here with Awards Support Lead Tonya Russell.

“Enter into the Northland Business Excellence Awards, you won’t regret it. The time spent working on your business will be so valuable you will have achieved a win before the judging even begins.”  That is the feedback from the team at tlc4u2, last year’s winner of the Supreme Award at the Northland Business Excellence Awards.

Jonathan Harris is managing director of the large care-based organisation that took the top honour at the 2022 Awards and he thoroughly endorses getting involved. They have taken part in the Awards two years running  and he says the only regret is that is that they didn’t enter sooner.

“If we had done this years ago I believe it would have driven the business forward sooner.  It forces you to take a detailed look at your entire business, you see the gaps, the opportunities, and the successes. You can engage all of your staff too. My team are so proud of our wins, in fact they wish that we could enter again this year.”

His message to Northland businesses is “go for it, it is a bit of work, but there is lots of support and you should be working on your business anyway, it won’t be time wasted.”

The support team Chambers Tonya Russell, Awards Support Lead with Entry Coaches Terry Sage and Vicki Moselen from Business Coaching new Zealand.

The NorthChamber Northland Business Excellence Awards (NBEA) has been recognising and promoting business excellence since 1977. All Northland businesses are eligible to enter. The goal is to showcase best practice, innovation and overall business excellence in the region, and to encourage and support businesses to aspire to excellence.

This call to enter is echoed by principal sponsors Top Energy and Northpower who joined forces in 2021 to support the Awards. Both organisations see the value of investing in the Northland business community and are proud to be part of a process that helps strengthen local capability and celebrate local business.

Top Energy Chief Executive Russell Shaw says developing principals of business excellence can only be good for the region – a point backed by Northpower Chief Executive Andrew McLeod. “The value of the awards is not just about winning but being part of the process. We see that when businesses come back for a second or third try and then win a category.  That’s what it is all about – striving to be better.” says Mr McLeod.

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